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With a mix of analog and digital technologies, Yohei Goto provides a hybrid approach to sound engineering in order to produce the best results. Whether you are a professional or just a music enthusiast, you'll find a perfect sound for your project, you’ll love the services provided here. My services include; music recording, mixing and mastering, music producing, audio mixing for multimedia and motion picture, artist development and audio consulting.


Music Recording, Mixing and Mastering


To accommodate various music production needs, You’ll collaborate closely with me throughout the entire process to develop a high quality final product. Not only providing my skills for professional studio sessions as an recording engineer but I'll mix, master your songs world-wide. Also I can provide location recording service. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions! 

Music Producing and Artist Development

"Opus Group"(音楽レーベル、アーティストサポートチーム)の創設者の一人として、自身のレコーディングエンジニアの技術提供のみならず、アーティスト達の技術向上、発展のための手助けをすることにより、より良い音楽を追及することの出来る環境を広めていくことを目標としています。

As a founding member of "Opus Group" (music production & artist development team), I am committed not only to make the most out of my recording engineering experience but to help young artists to develop and to continue pursuing their music career in right direction. 


Sound Mixing for Multimedia and Motion Picture


Not only providing recording engineering for music, but I am capable of mixing service for TV commercial, Web multimedia contents, Independent film and motion picture.

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