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Music Production, record label, artist development team consists of true professionals.

Located in Tokiwadai, Tokyo. "Cave" Live & Drink. Not only they have well equipped with sound and lighting systems but have grand piano, drum set, guitar and bass amps to accommodate every musician's needs. It can become rental space as well as recording space.

Located in Saitama prefecture. It has spacious live room for tracking bands. It can be used for practice space as well.

Misato (Vocal, acoustic guitar) & Johnny Sato (Guitar and various strings instruments)による日本のソングライティングユニット。ときわ台"Cave"にて定期的に活動中。ロックとソウルの融合からなるオリジナル曲は聞く価値あり。

Japanese songwriting unit. Misato (Vocal, acoustic guitar) & Johnny Sato (Guitar and various strings instruments) creates soulful yet rockin' original tunes. Regularly performing at Tokiwadai "Cave".

They have established an unique genre of "Storytelling musical entertainment". It consists of acoustic music with showcase of meticulously created illustrations. You must see their live performance to fully understand and feel how unique they are. They perform regularly at Tokiwadai "Cave" as well.

His love for Cuba and Che Guevara is truly unprecedented. Indeed he was invited to perform in Cuba! You will be overwhelmed by his powerful performance. Must see.


Japanese singer songwriter, guitarist and composer. His endless persuasion of musical "groove" combined with his formidable singing and guitar performance lead him to "one of a kind" musician in Japan. His 2019 album "Groovecaster" which I mixed is on sale. Grab it now!  


Jason Ambrose resides in Brooklyn, NY. He has been my good fried as well as a pioneer of headphone repairing service. (He is a great musician, too! Check out his music as well!) Considering how expensive headphones are now days, his service has been praised all over the world. He will accept his service world-wide. 

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