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People I've worked with

Music: International

Steve Jordan, Keith Richards, Norah Jones, Buddy Guy, Anton Fier, Suzanne Vega, Jim Campilongo, Todd Clouser, Lee "Scratch" Perry, Rufus Wainwright, Garland Jeffreys, Kevn Kinney, Ray Parker Jr., Marc Ribot, Bernie Warrell, Billy Martin, Pino Palladino, Dream Theater, and many more....

Music: Domestic

奥田民生(Tamio Okuda, The Verbs), 森広隆(Hirotaka Mori), Comeback My Daughters, Yellowuniverse, Nilnoraf, 池田敬二(Keiji Ikeda), Azarak, 児玉かほ(kaho Kodama), 喉黒はじめ(Hajime Nodoguro)

Multimedia Audio

VH1, Sony Pictures, Itoki, Discovery Channel, ENEOS

Awards and other media

2017 TEC Awards – Best Album Production
Nominated – Crosseyed Heart / Keith Richards

2010 Mix Magazine Interview

Credits: Discography

“Crosseyed Heart”
Keith Richards

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